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Pentax RAW codec INSTALLSHIELD выпущен 2008.05.01.

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Категория Цифровые камеры
Бренд Pentax
Устройство K100D
Операционные системы Windows Vista
Размер файла 8.33 Mb
Выпущен 2008.05.01
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Pentax is pleased to announce the release of the Pentax RAW codec for Windows Vista 32 bit.­ This software runs behind the scenes in Windows Vista,­ allowing Vista's own image viewers such as Photo Gallery to recognize and display Pentax RAW files (.­PEF) from Pentax digital SLR cameras.­ INSTRUCTIONS Click the download link below,­ and save the download file to your computer's hard drive.­ For example,­ saving the download file to your desktop will allow you find it easily once the download is complete.­ Close other applications,­ then double click the download file to begin the installation.­ Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.­ Restart your computer (Vista should prompt you to do this).­

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